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Online presence looking drab or need a lift, snip, and tuck? Or a new home?

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The beauty of the web is that your identity and brand can spread throughout the world with very little effort. This easy path to mass-marketing can have an unexpected side effect, "Set and Forget". A website is the living, breathing, virtual face of your company. Over time, the amazing, fresh, and appetizing site that you personally had a hand in, ends up looking drab, dated, and outright old. Web wrinkles can appear quickly due to the ever-changing internet. More and more companies are taking their business to the web to obtain new customers, with a minimal investment. Is your site showing some age or have trouble being responsive? The last thing you want is for a visitor to attempt to visit your website on their phone and due to the difference in screen size/resolution, half of the content either overlaps or worst yet, the page or site simply doesn't function and displays an empty page to your potential customer.

An aging (or bad) design can immediately cause a visitor (or potential client) to leave your site. On average, a visitor will leave a website with a bad design within 2 seconds. You want to not only attract visitors, but entice them to browse your site and learn more about your services and hopefully encourage them to want to contact you about providing them with those services. If your site feels like it has a few miles on it or is showing some new wrinkles or crow's feet, it's understandable because just like other aspects of operating your company, you're spread thin and may not have the spare time to focus on your web presence. We can help revitalize your current website and ensure that you will get years of service out of your investment. Or, if you are currently exploring your web presence options and need guidance in designing and developing your virtual storefront, our team will engage every resource available to create something truly special for your business.

Website Hosting

We offer website hosting packages to fit every possible need. Minimal required is our mantra and approach when analyzing your needs. Why pay for services or resources you don't need? You wouldn't hire 50 employees to do a single task. Web hosting is no different. If your website simply informs potential clients about your products and services, you wouldn't need an entire farm of servers to do so. However, if you require an eCommerce platform that will see thousands (hopefully more) of customers, you will need a scalable platform to be able to handle all of the requests. That's where we shine. We have resources available that we can utilize to help you get off the ground or assist in your growing business.

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